July 20, 2019

Border Crossing 2015 Issues

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October 2015

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Border Crossing Volume 1 Issue 9


Tourism and Diplomacy in the Arctic Edward H. Huijbens

Comparing Polish and Slovakian Foreign Services Juraj Murasiak

The Revival of a Sino-Russian Alliance in Eurasia Austin Jersild

Dealing with Pakistan’s Nuclear Breakout Julian Schofield

Understanding Turkey’s Syrian Policy Michael B. Bishku

 September 2015

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Border Crossing Issue 1 Volume 8


Food Assistance and Food Prices- Who Bears The Price and Risk? Jennifer Clapp, C.Stuart Clark

Mimicking States: What Non-State Diplomats Can Tell us About The Status Quo.  Fiona McConnell, Jason Dittmer, Terri Moreau.

Cameroon’s Membership of the Commonwealth : Why it Matters.  Melanie Torrent

A Worrisome Deal With Iran.  Paul Sulivan

The Iran Deal.  Robert Jervis.

August 2015

Border Crossing Volume 1 Issue 7August

Border Crossing Volume 1 Issue 7

Japan’s Soft Power in the 21st Century: Between Economic Success and Political Failure, Alexander Bukh.

Christianity and Western Diplomacy: Strange or Obvious Bedfellows? Cecelia Lynch.

Pushing Boundaries of ‘Engagement without Recognition’James Ker-Lindsay.

Transnational Diplomatic Knowledge, Leonard Seabrooke.

Diplomats may lose power, but diplomacy is expanding, Ole Jacob Sending.

21st Century Global Health Diplomacy, book review, Kristina R. Proulx.

July 2015


Economic Diplomacy, Andris Cegodajevs.

The Role of Stratagems in China’s Diplomacy,  Bogdanova Nadezda.

Management Diversity: The G77 and China in the Climate Change Negotiations, Lesley Masters.

The Pation of Face-To-Face Diplomacy, Season S. Wong.

Soft Power Review, Eric Wilkinson.

June 2015 Special


Ethona: Huron Wisdom for the World, Georges Sioui.

Aboriginal Peoples and Natural Resource Extraction in Canada: A New Paradigm? Martin Papillon.

Indigenous Self-Determination and Territory in the United States, Thomas Biolsi.

Diplomacy and the Importance of Indigenous Representation, Luis Fernando Monsalve.

“Live and Coexist Well” Awakening to our Original Instructions, Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas.

…and more!

May 2015


The Changing Contours of Japan’s Africa Diplomacy, Scarlett Cornelissen.

International Theory and Diplomacy Current Trends and Practical Value, Paul Sharp.

The UN and Europe: Ban and Beyond, Richard Gowan.

Refugee Diplomacy: Some Challenges, William Maley.

Access to Surgery in Developing Countries:Barriers, the Millennium Development Goals, and the Post-2015, Development Agenda, Ben Li and Tanishq Suryavanshi.

April 2015


Honesty in Crisis Diplomacy, A.E. Sartori.

The Intellectual Sources of U.S. Foreign Policy, D. Miline.

History and Diplomacy: New Approaches and Perspectives, K. Gram-Skjoldager.

Russia’s Public Diplomacy: Soft Tool with a Hard Edge, S. Saari.

Explaining China’s Behaviour in the South China Sea, S.W. Simon.

History Lessons, T. Hall.

March 2015


Mediating Civil Wars, K. Derouen Jr.

Gone Digital: Digital Diplomacy at the University of Oxford, C. Bjola and J. Cassidy.

The Literary Voice: Shakespeare’s Diplomacy,
T. Hampton.

A Diplomat’s Guide to Disaster Diplomacy, I. Kelman.

Regional Diplomacy in the Countries of Western Balkans, M. Hallunaj.

International Relations, Geopolitics and Diplomacy, L. Ritto.

February 2015

Border Crossing Jan.2015

From Internal To External Diplomacy, M.K.D. Cross.

Understanding Foreign Policy Ambition, B.O. Fordham.

Mastermind China’s Merging Energy Diplomacy, O. Odgaard.

Iran’s Nuclear Game and Turkey, E. Caman.

Global Health Diplomacy, A. Ruckert, R. Labonte, R.H. Parker.

Tai Chi and Fine Art Diplomatic Negotiation, A. Faizullaev


Border Crossing is an interdisciplinary academic publication centering on the study of diplomacy. It is a project of Diplomat Magazine-The Netherlands.

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