July 20, 2019

Romke’s love of food and wine


“Most people tend to open a bottle of red wine when having roast chicken, whereas a good bottle of sweet white wine would be a better choice as it enhances the taste of the meat”. Romke Van Dijk, wine merchant and walking encyclopedia, has just opened the doors of his own wine tasting establishment. “People often overlook an excellent food and wine marriage because they simply don’t know which wine best matches a certain course. I want to share this knowledge together with my love of wine”.

The wine tasting establishment on the Groot Hertoginnelaan can be used for lectures, drinks parties, wine-tasting events and corporate or company meetings. Each event can be fine-tuned according to the wishes and needs of the customer.


Romke’s enthusiasm tends to run away with him but you won’t tire of listening. “Yes, I like to talk, but not about myself. That’s one subject I don’t find particularly interesting. Making people happy and teaching them about which wine best accompanies with which meal, or vice versa, is my biggest challenge”. The world of wine is infinite and constantly moving. A never ending source of craftsmanship and unique knowledge. “I am always deeply moved by the beauty of the wine and its producers”.

Romke definitely knows where to find his wine, but not only wine. He sources the ingredients he works with himself. They don’t come from bulk wholesalers. “I prefer to get my products from producers who treat them with passion and respect. Where everything is fresh and not processed. These people have turned work into craftsmanship and you can taste that in the product”. This knowledge and authenticity can be found at the wine-tasting establishment in the most beautiful wines and most delicious dishes delivered with spirited professionalism.
For more information:

Romke’s wijn en spijs Groot Hertoginnelaan 229 2517 ET Den Haag

070 3060029 06 55861288 info@romkeswijnenspijs.nl  / www.romkeswijnenspijs.nl

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