July 20, 2019

2016 issues

Border Crossing is an interdisciplinary academic publication centering on the study of diplomacy. It is a project of Diplomat Magazine-The Netherlands.

July 2016


October 2016


Environmental Displacements: A Legal Debate for a Protective International Status. Maite Girard English.
Euro(h)ope or Euro(R)ope?- Give Future Generation a Chance, Anis Bajrektarevic
Quantum Islam: Toawards a New World View, Murray Hunter and Azly Rahman
Saudi- Iranian Future: 3 Games – 3 Scenarios, Manal Saadi
Paradoxes of EU Public Diplomacy Tess Altman and Cris Shore
African Sino-Japanesse Diplomacy, Seifudein Adem
Christianity and Western Diplomacy: Obvious or strange bedfellows, Cecelia Lynch
A Diplomats Guide to Disaster Diplomacy, Ilan Kelman
International Theory and Diplomacy Current Trends and practical values, Paul Sharp
Yoga Diplomacy, Umesh Muhki

April 2016

May 2016


June 2016


Opportunities and threats for Israel/Palestine the late Obama era, Ilan Peleg & Paul Scham
Can diplomacy counter the weight of strategy, Lukas ilevski
Canada needs a global health strategy, Christopher Simms
The end of environmental diplomacy, Lawrence Susskind & Saleem Ali
Information statecraft: Multinational banks carriers for US and EU law, Michelle Frasher & W. Travis Selmier II
In sight of all: Queen Elizabeth and the Dance of Diplomacy, Bella Mirabella
The Long History of Women and Diplomacy, Glenda Sluga
Gender Inequality and Diplomacy, Maca Jogan
Female U.S Ambassadors: The Early Years, Philip Nash
Her Excellency, An Oral History of American Women Ambassadors, Ann Miller Morin
Australia’s Overseas War Memorial Programe as “Memorial Diplomacy”, Amy Clarke
Mediating The South China Disputes: Can Singapore Play An Active Part?, Daniel Wei Boon Chua
The Future is Middle Power, Iain Watson
Shedding Light On a Shadow Senator, Shaima Bouzhou
Heritage Diplomacy: Culture Beyond Soft Power, Tim Winter
Armenia and Turkey: What Will Be After 2015?, Sergey Minasyan

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