February 22, 2020

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Authentic Cuban cigar lounge in The Hague

On the year of Havana’s 500th anniversary since its foundation, the embassy of Cuba in the Netherlands presented a top selection of some of the internationally recognized brands of Cuban cigars at the VI Diplomats Welcome After Summer event organized by the Diplomat Magazine.

An overwhelming number of diplomats from embassies and international organizations, business companies, as well as politically well-known personalities attended the event, including Dutch ministers, the Ambassadors of China, Malaysia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iran, Republic of Korea, Uzbekistan, State of Palestine, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Angola, Tanzania, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Holy See, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, and Ecuador; Charge d’ Affaires, a.i. of the Russian Federation, Georgia, Argentina, Panama, Suriname and Azerbaijan; and representatives from the Embassies of the USA, Kenya and Poland.

Cuban cigars tasting at Crowne Plaza VI Diplomats Welcome After Summer.

An unique cigar lounge in the Crowne Plaza Hotel provided an authentic atmosphere of the Cuban capital La Havana, with Jorge Martinez’s music accompanied by a piano and a guitar. The guests could also enjoy a glass of original Cuban Havana Rum together with their cigars, which only intensified the experience of the traditional Cuban tastes. 

Her Excellency the Ambassador of Cuba, Soraya Elena Alvarez Nuñez gave an impressive speech in front of the more than 200 guests attending the reception:

Today, we are celebrating the relations of friendship and fraternity between the diplomatic community, the authorities of the host country and the Dutch friends in creating spaces and setting bridges between us to continue strengthening cooperation among all parties.

Cuba is a lover of friendship, solidarity and cooperation, these values alone could foster a better world for future generations therefore we are appealing to all of you to support this values.”

6th Diplomats Welcome After Summer Reception in Crowne Plaza

Ambassador Alvarez Nuñez continued by stressing the importance of the international cooperation and solidarity:  

“Cuba is also a grateful country and for that we say to everyone thank you very much for the support that the international community has given my country for more than 60 years in the consolidation of our independence and in facing difficulties caused by unjust blockades and policies. Thanks everyone for your friendship and solidarity with Cubans.” 

Rum from Cuba at Crowne Plaza.

The Cuban Embassy contributed greatly to the pleasurable atmosphere of the VI Diplomats Welcome After Summer reception by showcasing some of the most emblematic symbols of Cuba’s culture: its dance, music, and tastes, represented by the original Havana Rum together with the top Cuban cigars and the warm Cuban rhythms.

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