February 22, 2020

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Uzbekistan Soiree, 28thAnniversary of State Independence

Uzbek dancer from the iconic folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Amu tolqini”.

By Roy Lie Atjam.

After a marvelous celebration of the 28thanniversary of state independence, H.E. Ambassador Dilyor Khakimov of Uzbekistan reunited his friends for yet another anniversary soiree on Thursday 26th September 2019. The program consisted of an outstanding Uzbek cultural show along with a formal dinner at an upscale venue in The Hague. The event was enjoyed by almost 100 people including the Ambassador of Ukraine, The Director General of OPCW, diplomats from many countries and other distinguished guests from Dutch society.

H.E. Dilyor Khakimov unfortunately had to cancel his trip to The Hague at the last moment to attend to an urgent matter. The responsibility of leading the festivities was assumed by Mr Ulugbek Agzamov, Minister Counsellor and head of political section Embassy of Uzbekistan to Benelux countries and missions to the EU and NATO, in H.E Khakimov’s absence.

Mr. Ulugbek Agzamov, Minister Counsellor and head of political section Embassy of Uzbekistan to Benelux countries and missions to the EU and NATO.

Mr. Agzamov cordially welcomed the audience and expressed thanks to all for accepting the invitation. Furthermore, Agzamov enumerated the great strides that Uzbekistan has made over the years.

He quoted from the address delivered H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev, President of the Republic of Uzbekistanon the occasion of the declaration of independence 28 years ago.

Mrs. Dalya Çakar– Chairwoman of the Uzbekistan Netherlands Friendship Foundation.

” ….. at present, Uzbekistan is confidently entering a new stage of its development. A new, democratic face of Uzbekistan is being shaped on the basis of modernization, ensuring human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.

In this regard, a priority idea “From national reconstruction – to national progress” enshrined in the Action Strategy is serving a guideline for us.

Under the notion of national progress we understand the development of our country, comprehensive improvement of living standards of our people.

Drawing on the potential and might of our people, reasonably using our natural resources, we are consistently moving toward such goals that we set before ourselves. “

Mr Dautbay Kurbaniyazov- Chairman of the Committee of Jokargy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Other speakers the soiree were: Mrs. Dalya Çakar– Chairwoman of the Uzbekistan Netherlands Friendship Foundation and Mr Dautbay Kurbaniyazov– Chairman of the Committee of Jokargy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The program also included a stunning performance by the iconic folklore-ethnographic ensemble Amu tolqini”

Uzbek National Day celebration in The Hague.

The folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Amu TolkinI” was founded in 2001,with the focus on promoting folk songs andthe unique art of the Uzbek-and Karakalpak people, extolling love for the Motherland, fraternity, friendship in the hearts of thenext generation.

The promotion of this unique culture, art, songs and melodies, which considered the masterpieces of the Karakalpak people will no doubt prove fruitful in stimulating greater mutual understanding between Uzbekistan and the Netherlands.

H.E. Mr. Vsevolod Chentsov, Ambassador of Ukraine admiring Uzbek craft and silk products’ exhibition also part of the event. The high quality of Uzbek products attracted the attention of many.

The repertoire of the ensemble included Karakalpak, Uzbek, Turkmen and other folk songs. These were performed by folk narrators and singers of Baksyand Zhyrau on folk musical instruments of the Dutar and Kobyz.

The performances also included heroic and lyrical folk poems, folk songs and melodies handed down through generationsfor hundreds of years.

These truly entertained the audience and has evoked  interest in traditional Karakalpak musical art, Karakalpak national costumes, jewelries, sculptures and braided pigtails are considered masterpieces in the art of  Karakalpak dance.

The “Amu tolqini” folklore-ethnographic ensemble came from Uzbekistan special for the occasion.

The ensemble has performed in Germany, France and India, thereby introducing the national culture, with the rich, vibrant and unique art of the country to the peoples of the world.

Those in attendance returned to their respective homes after a delightful soiree with a new perspective and deeper appreciation of Uzbek culture.

Mr. Agzamov and the OPCW Director General H.E. Ambassador Fernando Arias during the dinner.

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