November 21, 2019

Sieraad, XVIII edition

7-10 October, Westergas Amsterdam: This year’s 18th edition of the International Jewerelly Fair ‘Sieraad’ shall be held in tribute to Marjan Unger (1946-2018), a well known Dutch art historian, writer, curator, teacher, design expert and a collector of jewellery but most of all a very dedicated promoter of jewellery design.

A warm, kind and humorous lady who was always curious and ready to cross boundaries. She was a researcher, studied art history and completed her doctoral dissertation, however, also did an excellent job to place jewellery in its daily context.  

Her broad view on jewellery is reflected in her many publications of which the latest was called ‘Jewellery Matters’. Also the title of a successful symposium held at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in autumn 2017 of which Marjan was one of the organisers. Marjan and her husband Gerard Unger (1942-2018), a world renowned typeface designer, donated a substantial collection of Dutch jewellery  to the Rijksmuseum. 

Sadly Marjan passed away last year. To honour this dear and wise friend the 18th edition of SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair will held a MARJAN UNGER TRIBUTE in cooperation with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. A special exhibition of thirteen well known jewellery designers and their specific personal design that connects them with the versatile Marjan Unger.  

John Moore, GB, necklace – Picture by Sieraad Fair

The participating artists are: Melvin AndersonGijs BakkerPaul DerrezMieke GrootMaria HeesFelieke van der LeestChequita NaharWillem NoyonsEvert NijlandRuudt PetersMarleen RameckersBeppe Kessler and Ravage.

The MARJAN UNGER TRIBUTE will be curated by John de Greef, a fashion writer  and dear friend of Marjan. He finds it heartwarming to receive so many enthusiastic reactions from the designers and to hear about the very special place Marjan Unger had in their careers. ‘Everybody reacts with a sincere “It’s a real honour to participate!”. And the same is true for me!’ 

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