July 9, 2020

Air Arabia to expand further

Air Arabia – Picture by Pedro Aragão.

Air Arabia, ranked as the most well-connected discount carrier in the Gulf and North Africa region, has placed an order for 120 Airbus A320s for a sum of 14 billion dollars. 

The agreement includes 73 of the flagship A320neo, with a mix of the larger A321neo and long-distance A321XLR variants making up the remainder. Air Arabia is already an Airbus operator.

As per statement CEO Adel Ali said the “planes will allow the discount airline to expand in southeast Asia and Africa as it formalises a joint-venture plan with Etihad Airways“. 

Currently Air Arabia operates a multi-hub business with bases in the Kingdom of Morocco (Casablanca) and Egypt (Alexandria), as well as the emirates of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. It possesses a fleet of about 50 A320 aircraft together with a handful of leased A321neos.

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Image by Pedro Aragão
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