September 26, 2020

Colors and passion from Uzbekistan

Diplomat Magazine’s photographer Hester Dijkstra made several trips to explore Uzbekistan, a country with a magnificent historic architecture and a rich crafts tradition. 

Following the invitation from the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels, Diplomat Magazine had the opportunity to visit Uzbekistan’s 1st Handcrafters Festival in Kokand where Hester fell in love with several provinces she visited accompanied by her husband Carl. She discovered with her camera the unknown for most of us. 

Hand crafter in Kokand, Uzbekistan, Photography by Hester Dijkstra.

Please take a look at Hester Dijkstra’s work full of professional images and unforgettable pics from Uzbekistan and buy the book at or the website of Blurb:

Uzbekistan mastes by Hester Dijkstra.

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