October 20, 2020

Ambassador Netschajew received by the German-Russian Parliamentary Group at Bundestag

MPs Haraly Weyel, Jan Nolte and Chairman Dr. Robby Schlund – Picture by MP Haraly Weyel.

Thursday, 17 September 2020, Berlin, Germany: The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Federal Republic of Germany, H.E. Mr. Sergej Jurjewitsch Netschajew was welcomed at the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) by the Chairman of the German-Russian Parliamentary Group, Dr. Robby Schlund and five further deputies from the Alternative for Germany Party, including the expert on defence affairs, Jan Nolte. 

The conversation took place in a difficult period of German-Russian relations, however, the members of parliament focused on the importance of economic ties, particularly bringing the Nord Stream 2 project to completion, meant to increase the overall annual capacity up to 110 billion min gas deliveries to various EU countries.

All in all, the participating deputies called upon the German and European governments to act with prudence in the case Alexei Nawalny in order not to damage the important relations vis-à-vis the Russian Federation. 

Ambassador Netschajew is in office in Germany since 2018, is a career diplomat who speaks fluent Russian, German, and English. He has represented his country as Ambassador to Austria (2010-2015) and Consul General in Bonn (2001-2003). 

For further information :
Embassy of the Russian Federation to Germany: https://russische-botschaft.ru/de/https://russische-botschaft.ru/de/embassy/botschafter/

German-Russian Parliamentary Group: https://www.bundestag.de/europa_internationales/parlamentariergruppen

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