July 20, 2019

Our Volunteer Contributors

First Head of Diplomatic Missions’ Editorials*, volunteer contributing writers, founders of Diplomat Magazine in June 2013, The Hague, the Netherlands.

H.E. Carlos Jose Arguello, Ambassador of  Nicaragua, Dean of the Diplomatic corps. H.E. Roberto Canzadilla, Ambassador of Bolivia, vice-Dean of the Diplomatic corps. H.E. James Lambert, Ambassador of Canada. H.E. Huynh Minh Chinh, Ambassador of Vietnam. H.E. Martin Valentino, Ambassador of Malta. H.E. Yasumasa Nagamine,  Ambassador of Japan. Minister-Counselor Dr. Eugenio Matos Gomez, former Charge d’affaires a.i. Dominican Republic Embassy in The Hague.  

Message from the former Ambassador of Canada http://youtu.be/ApcwgwY6Klk http://youtu.be/ApcwgwY6Klk

All our members and contributors are volunteers.

Publisher: Dr. Mayelinne De Lara (diplomatic spouse) publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu

Advertising Director: Jeroen Smits, Auke Media Creative email:  j.smits@aukesmits.nl
Tel. +31 70 324 8025    Fax: +31 65 530 0341

Editor: Roy Lie Atjam, The Hague. info@diplomatmagazine.eu 

Publisher Assistants: diplomatmagazinenl@gmail.com

Honorary Diplomatic Associate Publishers: Anna Maria Mistretta, Embassy of Italy in The Hague Major General, Fabien Ndayishimiye, (CPP),  Embassy of Burundi in The Hague

Other distinguished Contributing writers:

Mr. Ankie Broekers-Knol, President of the Senate of the Netherlands; Hans van Baalen MEP, Member of the European Parliament, Head of Delegation VVD;  Marjolein de Jong, Deputy Mayor for culture, inner city and int’l affairs, The Hague;  Ambassador Petru Dimitriu, Permanent Observer of the Council of Europe to the United Nations; Steven van Hoogstraten, International Affairs.

Associate Editors:

Ellen J. Brager, The Hague.  Professor Richard Griffiths, Leiden University, The Hague. Keith Dinnie, Brand Horizon, The Hague. Mitesh D. Mistry, London, UK. Benjamin Miller, University of Ottawa, Canada. Joe Ray, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Legal and Diplomatic Adviser in Brussels Baron Henri Estramant.  Legal Adviser Mitchel Martis, Amsterdam.

Our Columnists:

Barend ter Haar, Clingendael Institute of International Relations, former Netherlands Ambassador to UNESCO.  Jhr. Alexander W. Beelaerts van Blokland, Justice in the Court of Appeal & Special Advisor International Affairs, Municipality of The Hague. Peter Knoope, ICCT, Director International Centre Counter-Terrorism, The Hague. Professor Eelco H. Dykstra, MD  International Emergency Management. Dr. Huub Ruël, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences – Zwolle. Sunday Oyinloye, West Africa Editor. Professor  Anís Bajrektarević, Head of Department and Professor of International Law and Global Political Studies at the University of Vienna. Corneliu Pivariu, former first deputy for military intelligence (two stars general) in the Romanian MoD, retired, founder of INGEPO.

Diplomatic Academic Research Professor Richard Griffiths, Leiden University, The Hague; Prof. Jan Melissen, Senior Research Fellow Clingendael Institute, The Hague;  Biljana Scott,  Oxford University, Senior Lecturer at DiploFoundation and Visiting Professor at the London Academy of Diplomacy;  Dr. Aaron Matta, Senior Researcher in EU Law, Academic Programme Coordinator of CLEER, T.M.C. Asser Instituut;  Willem Post, International affairs, Municipality of Den Haag;  Petra van der Ham, University for Peace (United Nations), Peace Palace,  The Hague; Paramijt Sahai, Former Indian ambassador; DiploFoundation & University of Malta; Dr. Christophe Paulussen, Senior researcher. ASSER Institute;  Dr. Bob van der Bos former Member of Parliament (First and Second Chambers),  former staff member Clingendael Institute;  Dr. Luis Ritto Former EU Ambassador to the Holy See and the Order of Malta and former EU Permanent Representative to the United Nations Organisations, ISPD Emeritus Professor and expert on diplomacy, diplomatic protocol and world affairs. John Kennedy Stewart, Independent Academic Diplomatic researcher in London. Dr. Davor Jancic,  Senior Researcher in EU Law T.M.C. Asser Instituut, The Hague.

Editor/Border Crossing / Publisher: Eugene Matos De Lara,  University of Ottawa, Canada.

Junior Publisher: Duke Michael of Mecklenburg, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Junior Associate Publishers:  Guido Lanfranchi, Amelia Baxter,  Rebecca Home, Hannah Soliman.

Photographers Kim Vermaat (Head photographer); Robert Huiberts (Founder);  Hester Dijkstra (Founder), Marian Van Noort, Roy Strik.

Fine Arts Editors: John Dunkelgrun, Artana Gallery, The Hague.

Web Manager: Yumi Udo, Yu Hsuan Chou, Jose Santos Zapata.

Social Media Coordinator:  Lyudmila Palamar, The Hague.

Diplomat Magazine Is a Dutch Foundation, a Not-for-Profit Organization in The Netherlands. Our address:  Zuid-Hollandlaan 7, 2596 AL Den Haag, Netherlands. publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu 



Contributing writers and photographers are cordially invited to carefully read the following links. They have important conditions before they submit their inputs to us:




All members of our staff are and have been volunteers since the launching of our magazine in June 2013 in The Hague. Unless they receive a written authorization from Diplomat Magazine, our volunteer staff (including diplomats) NEVER receive payments or reimbursements or salary for their inputs on DM. Volunteers, mentioned or not in our Colophon are bound to this condition and other guidelines from DM. We fully comply to protect the volunteer participation of diplomats according to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. We also comply with standard regulations pertaining the volunteer participation of diplomats and the customary regulation of foreign ministries overseas, including the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Netherlands, which allow the volunteer participation of diplomats in non-profit  institutions like Diplomat Magazine.  Any matter related to the participation of diplomats as volunteers or  other individuals willing to join Diplomat Magazine,  should be addressed to our Publisher Assistants  at: diplomatmagazinenl@gmail.com  now under: publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu 
The aforementioned ambassadors are our first contributing writers and founders.  The Diplomatic corps fully supports Diplomat Magazine (DM), a non-profit organization in the Netherlands. The opinions emitted by our contributing writers are not necessarily those expressed by other volunteer staff or Diplomat Magazine itself.   Each volunteer staff is responsible for his/her own article/picture/image in the magazine. Pictures, images and articles written by our volunteer staff remains the property of Diplomat Magazine. The latter can use it for further publications in our Online or printed version without permission to the volunteer writer or photographer. The credits of the volunteer writer or photographer may not be inserted in the picture or in the article itself but in the colophon only. However, we will do our best to include their direct credits. All the articles and pictures received by Diplomat Magazine for publication represents a volunteer contribution to Diplomat Magazine. The latter  can use them as reference for other articles in Diplomat Magazine or can be published in our Online, Printed or Social Media version without previous advice to the contributor  writer or photographer. It applies with pictures received from any volunteer or paid photographers. Photographers mentioned in our colophon are automatically considered volunteer photographers, same as any other person mentioned in our colophon. Pictures submitted to Diplomat Magazine will remain the property of Diplomat Magazine as an act of donation and can be used for Diplomat Magazine publications, Online or printed versions or our social media accounts.  When Diplomat Magazine receives these materials from a volunteer or any third party, it is understood that is a donation for publication to Stichting Diplomat Magazine. Credits for contributing writers and photographers is a privilege not a right in DM. 
Our volunteers ARE NOT allowed to sign contracts or engage Stichting Diplomat Magazine, directly or indirectly, without the written authorization of its legal administrators. Our contributing writers, reporters and photographers will have full credit of their inputs and materials for publication in Diplomat Magazine, as far as they are still part of Diplomat Magazine team. As their inputs are given in donation to Diplomat Magazine, once a volunteer staff is not part anymore of our staff, Diplomat Magazine reserves the right to delete their credits on their articles, reports or delete the credits from the pictures they have donated to Diplomat Magazine. Diplomat Magazine reserves the right to publish these materials for future publications without necessary indicating the source or credits. Nevertheless, Diplomat Magazine offers fully support to its current members of its staff, by offering them the credits they are entitled. 
Please note that a myriad of members of our volunteer staff  are taking care to manage or answer the following email addresses: diploevents@gmail.com; diplocalendar@gmail.com; diplotours@gmail.com; diplomatmagazinenl@gmail.com; info@diplomatmagazine.eu and the like.  Regardless on the Username or signature of these emails, several members of our team may take care of these accounts due to the number of daily requests. Credits from our contributing writers or reporters can be deleted without prejudice or previous advice. 
VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Diplomat Magazine reserves the right to delete the name and participation of contributing writers or a photographer or keep their articles without their credits, this without previous advice and without prejudice.  Diplomat Magazine can also delete any article from our Web site without previous advice and without prejudice. Diplomat Magazine can delete from our colophon the name of any of our contributing writer or volunteer without previous advice and without prejudice. Contributing writers or volunteers shall send in writing to publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu  if they decide not to be part anymore of the volunteer staff or contributing writer of Diplomat Magazine. Same policy applies to our volunteer photographers. Any of our volunteers, reporters or photographers can be deleted from our volunteer staff without previous advice and without prejudice. When due to a technical mistake credits of photographers are omitted, DM could indicate the mistake in another printed version of DM (when printed) or publishing the mistake in any section of our Online magazine. 
 Diplomat Magazine makes an exception to promote as a complimentary service our photographers’ work, in order to help them  get jobs from third parties. Participating photographers in Diplomat Magazine offer their services and pictures on volunteer basis for publication in Diplomat Magazine, hard-copy, Online and/or Diplomat Magazine’s social media accounts. Participating photographers, as our volunteer staff, are bound to this condition. If you as member of our volunteer staff disagree with any of these conditions, we invite you to let us know via our email account: diplomatmagazinenl@gmail.com in order to delete your participation from Diplomat Magazine at once. Diplomat Magazine receives daily queries from prospect contributors  to join our volunteer team, including diplomats. Once Diplomat Magazine receives the pictures from photographers, they remain the property of Diplomat Magazine for publication in our Web site or in our printed version or social media accounts like Facebook and the like. Our photographers’ copyrights are fully transmitted in donation for the use of Stichting Diplomat Magazine.  By reading this public communication, which we regularly email to our volunteer staff, our volunteer staff agrees with this Online public condition. By emailing to us their pictures, it is already a volunteer act that their materials are given in donation for publication in Diplomat Magazine’s Online, printed and/or its social media accounts like Flickr or other means. Volunteer photographers are bound to follow DM’s recommendations and rules. In addition to the text herein written, the above read text is regularly discussed during meetings with our team of photographers and volunteers in general.
Our volunteers are not allowed to sign contracts on behalf of DM or legally represent or engage DM in obligations with third parties, unless they have a written authorization from DM’s legal administrators. All emails, messages, documents and internal issues in DM are strictly confidential. Head of Diplomatic missions have priority to insert their publications.  However,  ambassadors are welcome to submit  their inputs without previous invitation at: publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu 
Non-Head of Missions shall email their articles and inputs to our Editorial Team: publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu 
IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL REQUEST ABOUT THE CONTENT OF an article, please contact our publisher assistant volunteers at: publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu 
We cordially request readers NOT to contact members of our volunteer staff at their personal residence or regular work. Invitations and printed documents shall be send to our official address: Zuid-Hollandlaan 7, 2596 AL Den Haag, Netherlands. Volunteer contributor writers and photographers, please read careful our conditions before submitting your inputs. Our previous email  diplomatmagazinenl@gmail.com is still functional and as usual managed by several volunteers at the same time. 
All rights reserved. Inputs for publication are based on first-come first-served and may apply diplomatic precedence. Although a Head of diplomatic mission, or any other contributing writer is invited to write for a particular issue, it may be possible that we could be unable to publish it at the indicated month.

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